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Retirement Planning

Retirement isn’t just about accumulating assets, it’s also about protecting
what you worked hard for. You will face many challenges in retirement,
after all we have at least another 30 years we have to plan for.

The traditional financial advice of withdrawing

4% may not work in today’s environment. 


Are you protected?

In retirement we have to take these

things into consideration:
- Market Risk
- Healthcare

- Inflation

- Tax Management

- Income

The Bucket Plan

SMG Wealth Management will help you navigate these

risks through our innovative Bucket Plan approach.

Your plan should be able to answer these questions:


- What would I do if I need nursing home care?

How would that impact my retirement nest egg?

- If the market went down 25% would it affect

my day to day living?

- If the Stock Market went down and I needed Nursing home care, would I run out of money?

- If you lose half of your spouse’s Social Security, do you have a back up plan?

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