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Retirement Income


income for life

At SMG , we know that growth is important to you, but protecting your hard earned assets no matter what the stock market does can be even more important.  In retirement, it’s crucial to generate a reliable source of income, to combat inflation and market volatility, now can be an excellent time to protect everything you worked hard to build. 

fixed index annuities

While participating in the market when it’s going up is always exciting - it’s not so much fun participating in the market when it’s  going down and we have to draw an income from it.  Fixed indexed annuities protect you from market loss during declines. Annuities protect your principal and can offer growth guaranteed by claims paying ability of the issuing company. 


At SMG, we have access to top rated annuity companies on the market, allowing us to offer them to our clients looking to generate a reliable stream of income for themselves in retirement. 

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