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An Independent
Financial Advisor

Being a truly independent financial advisor, and not “captive” to a large company’s product portfolio, is the best advantage that SMG Wealth Management provides to their clients.

While other advisors are limited to selling only the products offered
by the brokerage house or national insurance agency, we have access to an
unlimited portfolio of retirement solutions, allowing us to offer products and
services we feel best suits a clients individual needs.

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SMG wealth

“Protecting your future.”

Understanding what to do in retirement can be intimidating. Making the wrong decision on Medicare can cost you a penalty for life. Taking too much RMD’s could leave you paying more in taxes and more for your Medicare Part B, which the government refers to as (IRMMA).

Taking too much risk in your portfolio could
cause you to run out of money early and not looking at how to protect yourself against catastrophic illnesses could deplete your portfolio sooner than expected.


At SMG Wealth Management we provide easy to understand retirement solutions that are also easy to execute, and we are here to coach you all the way.


We understand that every client is unique and that’s why we don’t deliver a one size fits all solution.

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