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Justin Carter, the Vice President of Sales at SMG since 2017. With an MBA in supply chain under my belt, I know how to navigate the intricate web of business.


But let me tell you, Justin’s journey to success didn't start in the boardroom. Nope, it all began on the baseball diamond back when he was tearing it up at Western Michigan. As a college baseball player, he learned the value of teamwork, discipline, and going that extra mile to knock it out of the park.


When he’s not meeting with clients or recruiting new team members, you can find him on the golf course perfecting his swing. It's not just a hobby for Justin; it's a way to unwind and challenge himself to constantly improve. And speaking of challenges, nothing beats spending quality time with his wife and our two dogs a goldendoodle, Palmer, and a golden retriever, Brooks.


With his unique blend of analytical skills from my MBA days and the competitive spirit honed on the baseball field, he brings a winning attitude to everything he does. Whether it's leading a team towards record-breaking growth or hitting that perfect drive down the fairway, he always strives for excellence.


Let's connect and see how we can help strategize for your retirement, because it’s never too late to plan.

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